WebOS: No Debugger Under Eclipse

Palm Pre developers can spin this any way they want but it’s currently not possible to set breakpoints using Eclipse, break on a line, inspect the variables or anything else debug-wise from within the IDE. It seems you have to use a command-line debugger.

I know it’s not like it’s _impossible_ to use but are we really expected to enter the full path to a line in the code to set a break point e.g.


I’m not sure what to say about this? My expectations were somewhat higher.

WebOS: newsReader SDK Sample

I have been playing around with the Palm Pre WebOS SDK. Compared to my efforts to get J2ME stuff to work (ages ago) I have to commend both Android and now Palm in making these phone SDK’s so easy to get up and running. For both Android and Palm it’s a painless task from download to seeing applications running on the bundled emulator.

Although tempting it’s too early to make a comparison between WebOS and Android as I have yet to embark on writing anything for it.

Anyway, the SDK comes with a number of samples one which is a pretty full featured RSS reader. There is a problem though. The project can be imported into Eclipse (after installing the appropriate plugin) but does not appear as a Mojo project. The reason for this is that the ‘nature’ in the project file is set to what appears to be the old name for the SDK. In order to get this to work properly in Eclipse you will have to edit the project file.

< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

The secret is to change the content of the ‘natures’ value to the one above. Now when you import the project into Eclipse it will appear as a proper Mojo app.

The news reader is a great demo as it has a little bit of everything you will be required to know to put together an app which talks to the internet. Interesting features:

Plus lots of other stuff under the hood which I don’t understand yet.