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Archives for September, 2009

Android: gTraffic UK Update

Well, it’s been a while since I worked on my UK Traffic application. With the release of the Android 1.6 SDK I thought it was time I made some updates. There are a couple of cosmetic changes most significantly I have ‘thickened’ the timebar marker. Also I applied a filter to the timebar colour to […]

WebOS: Mojo Plugin vars

The following screenshot shows the loop variable highlighted because it has changed since the last step. The variable status is reset on user-pause or breakpoint. So, I am getting towards some sort of state where I might have to think what to do with this software. I think what I’ll try to do is develop […]

WebOS: Mojo Debugger Stable

It’s looking good. After a mammoth effort to get my head round the Eclipse debug support and User Interface messaging I think I have a fairly stable version of a debugger now. This has breakpoint, step and simple local variable support. The feature set is kind of at the mercy of the WebOS debugger really […]

WebOS:Android: Updates

I think I’ll have a break from trying to debug the Palm Pre Debugger plugin as it is doing my head in trying to track all the threads of execution. I need to roll back to a simpler version so I can make sure that is working properly first before trying to get the variable […]

WebOS: Mojo Debugger Local Variables

Local variables support added. More complex objects are going to be a bit of a challenge. I am going to go back through the code at this point and re-factor out some of the more ropey looking parts.

WebOS: Mojo Debugger Step Support

Step support has been added. You can set breakpoints, break, step over, into and out of your code and resume. Next is processing the variables.

WebOS: Mojo Debugger Breakpoint

I have literally just got this working after spending the last two days trying to figure out how to link the breakpoint to the source code. It turns out the solution is the last thing mentioned in the ‘How to write a debugger’ article for Eclipse. You need to create a presentation object. This returns […]

WebOS: Mojo Debugger State Machine

An hour here an hour there does not make for great progress. I am not an expert in regex so I have resorted to writing unit tests to try and sort out the parsing issues I’ve been getting with the debugger output. Here is a diagram with the state machine for startup, run and pause […]