Android: gTraffic UK Update

Well, it’s been a while since I worked on my UK Traffic application. With the release of the Android 1.6 SDK I thought it was time I made some updates. There are a couple of cosmetic changes most significantly I have ‘thickened’ the timebar marker. Also I applied a filter to the timebar colour to give a blur effect. Nice.


You can see this in the above screen-shot. The previous one didn’t stand out enough for my liking.

There are also a few changes under the hood. In particular the map API is slightly different so I had to refactor the code a little to bring it into line.

I’ve decided to go back to the traffic NY application as well and see if I can do something with it. There are still 200 active installs which is interesting. I occasionally boot the app up on my developer phone and the last time I looked all the NYSDOT data was out of date so I think I am going to have to look into what on earth is going on with their RSS feed. I did mail them before and got a reply when I was moaning about there roadworks feed so we’ll see.

Other news is that I emailed Palm developers about my development of the debugger plugin but so far I have had no reply. I was asking about using the Palm SDK jar files. Well it’s been a week and I thought I would at least have got a response (saying no way) but nothing. Oh well.

Development of this plug-in is (so far) for my own amusement. I was thinking that it might me something I could sell but I don’t think I will beat the Palm developers to it.

It looks to me that output of the debugger is in gdb format. This would make sense as the platform is Linux based. To this end I got thinking about Antlr and parsing the output. Searching for this stuff is hard! Not many references but I suspect I will have to write some Antlr grammar to extract the file references and methods from the debugger output.


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  1. Brian on December 21st, 2010 7:12 pm

    I think the app is great, I was telling my friends but it does not appear to be available anymore.

    Is this temporary or permanent



  2. Administrator on January 6th, 2011 7:31 pm


    The application was getting a bit long in the tooth so I have removed it in order to fix a few issues and update the user interface. It should be back sometime in the first quarter of this year.

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