Flex: IFrame 1.3.4

I am very pleased to announce that there is a new version of the Flex IFrame. This is the work of Julien Nicoulaud . Julien works on the open-source project OW2 JASMINe which uses the IFrame as part of a sub-project Kerneos.

As well as bringing his own additions to the code he has brought together the many fixes posted on the issues sections of the Google code page. Also, (as if that wasn’t enough) he has re-factored the codebase and added comments and documentation plus added some amazing new examples. There is also a new Google group where users can discuss the component here.

I had a look over the code on Friday and was really impressed at how much it was improved. I have been lax at keeping the code up to date and Julien has made an completely fantastic job of it.

Many many thanks to Julien for taking this on.