Android: Noiz2 Source Code Available

The code for the vector shoot-em-up for Android is now available here.

This is a bit of an esoteric game to say the least but it is good fun once you get into it. I always thought that this was going to be a bit hit on the market but it kind of fizzled away without ever really taking off. I am somewhat confused as to why this happened since it was really the only decent shoot-em-up when it was first put on the market. Maybe just a bit too old-skool for the cool kids these days.

My hope is that maybe someone will attempt to pull the BulletML component out and make it into something that can actually be useful. The current implementation is baked into the game engine which makes it difficult to see where the joins are.

There are other possible improvements

We’ll see how it goes.

Palm: An SDK in search of a decent IDE

From what I can discern Palms woes are probably mostly down to the quality of their handset(s) that they produced.

It certainly wasn’t down to their OS (webos) which is great. Having very little applications for people to download on their app store couldn’t have helped and may have saved them if their was enough types of applications that people wanted.

I said before that  I had no views on Ares, the online development tool that Palm have released, but that might not strictly be true. My attempt to get my debugger going led me to contact people involved with third party Palm development tools and from what I was told the person in charge “hated” Eclipse and didn’t want to pursue using it as an IDE for development. Fair enough except that they would have caught the attention of Android developers and Java developers (even though the platform doesn’t use Java) just by using this.

There are a ton of developers who know Eclipse and are comfortable using it. Giving them the means to start development with a decent debugger would have kick started their app store in the same way the Android app store has got going namely- start off with rubbish apps and gradually they get better. Instead we have just about the most esoteric development tool in Ares that has ever been seen. Way to go Palm.

Whoever is in charge of this stuff needs to backtrack big-style and focus on getting their SDK working with the most used development IDE on the planet regardless of their views. I am sure in hindsight we will see that – but will Palm.