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Archives for March, 2011

Flex: Sparql Browser AIR version

I have created an AIR runtime version of my SPARQL browser. You can download the executable here. You will need to install the AIR runtime to use it. The reason for doing this now was that I realised that the sort of people who would use this are not experts in setting up a web-server […]

gTraffic: Down perhaps not out.

Some of you may have come to this site from my UK road traffic site gTraffic.info. You will have noticed that there is no longer any traffic incidents available. This is because the TPEG feed which was the source of incident data has been cut by the BBC. I am fairly philosophical about this. It […]

General: This site is moving

The long and short of it. Updated this site to wordpress 3 thinking it will make transferring my posts easier. Instead it broke the site completely and it’s taken me all day to get it back up and running. For future reference the “.htaccess” file local to your install is used to hold the rewrite […]