Flex: Sparql Browser AIR version

I have created an AIR runtime version of my SPARQL browser.

You can download the executable here.

You will need to install the AIR runtime to use it. The reason for doing this now was that I realised that the sort of people who would use this are not experts in setting up a web-server etc.

There is one feature which is a bit of pain and that is setting up the queries file. In theory it would be loadable in a sort of “file..open” kind of way. I have not had time to implement or think this through so for the moment you will have to edit the config file which is bundled in the install. ┬áThere is a howto on the google code site here.

I have had a look around at the other kind of graphical tools for SPARQL which came in the wake of this one and I still haven’t found anything that is as general as this.


The online version is currently broken. This is a direct side-effect of me moving this website and all it’s files to a new provider. I do plan to fix this, just not right away. The application uses a proxy-script to issue requests and I am not sure how to set this up on my new webspace quite yet.


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