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Archives for January, 2012

LibGDX: Example of Scene2D application with Event Handlers.

Note: This demo has been updated considerably since this original post. The common elements have been factored out into their own library and the application mavenised to provide an easier build process. You can find all the details here. This is the original post so some of the details have changed….. I have written a […]

Android: Simple Weather UI

Another update to the UI for new version of Simple Weather a very early Android application I wrote back in 2008. I went though all the layouts and changed the LinearLayout references to RelativeLayout instead. I think I will move the date up the top. It looks kind of strange where it is.

Android: Simple Weather UI

This is a work in progress. I have been trying to learn how to write slicker interfaces for Android as the stock styling is fairly boring. Note the rounded edges to the list activity and the colours nicked from the iPhone weather app.