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Archives for September, 2012

Java OSC: Midi Definitions

I thought I would put up an example of my OSC java library sending messages to the pure data instance but I discovered a problem. If you send lots of OSC messages to pure data without a decent interval pure data crashes. Not good. So I have reluctantly started what I didn’t want to do […]

LibGDX:Audio – Tonome OSC version

Ah sweet synthesized music! Here is a screenshot of my Tonome LibGDX application sending OSC Bundle messages to a instance of pure data. The pure data instance is broadcasting the OSC Bundle contents as Midi note out messages to a bank of Crystal synths running inside Podium. Each VST synth instance has been assigned a […]

LIBGDX – Demos Update to 0.9.6

I have finally updated all the LibGDX demos to the latest release version of LibGDX as of today (0.9.6). Here are the links Tonome – A tonematrix style sample player here. Box2D with Scene2D – Bumpers demo here. Box2D with Scene2D – Simple fixture demo here. Game Test – Simple shoot-em-up with settings panel and […]