I have finally updated all the LibGDX demos to the latest release version of LibGDX as of today (0.9.6).

Here are the links

Tonome – A tonematrix style sample player here.

Box2D with Scene2D – Bumpers demo here.

Box2D with Scene2D – Simple fixture demo here.

Game Test – Simple shoot-em-up with settings panel and slide transitions here.

The update was fairly painless with a few things to note:

  • LibGDX 0.9.6 now deals correctly with the ‘finish’ method and actions. The ‘finish’ method is now called on every associated action when an actor is marked for removal. This is important as the overridden ‘finish’ is where we put our actions back into the appropriate pools. Prior to this fix I was having to sub-class actor to implement this myself.
  • The tween engine has been updated also to version 6.3.3. The only change I had to make was alter the callback mechanism.  I still can’t see a way to re-initialise a composited tween but I need to investigate further .
  • I note there is event management in the yet unpublished version of Scene2d. This promises to be interesting but it’s not in 0.9.6 which is what we are using here.  I am not going to go near any of that stuff until a proper release is made.

Some of the demos have a maven pom file.Technically these are purely for illustration as they don’t pull the libGDX files from any repository just locally. I use them to generate the project files for the maven style layout (resources directory etc).


These demos have all been updated, mavenized and are now up on Github. There has been a ton of fixes and improvements.