I have made a start on fully Mavenizing my LibGDX demos and placed them up on Github.

The good news is that the core netthreads-libgdx library and the demos have been converted to use the latest version of LibGDX (0.9.9 at the time of writing). Taking the latest build from the LibGDX repo should mean that it will be easier to keep these up to date with changes to Scene2d etc.

I used the LibGDX archetype so you should have no problems building these once you have jumped through a few (minor I hope) hoops to install some dependencies on non-maven-available jar files like the tween-engine and fixtureatlas. There are detailed instructions. If you are having problems make a comment/email me or raise an issue on the issues list.

The core library is here. You will need this for the demos.

The demos up so far are:

Simple Shooter

This is the same simple shmup as before but with a lot of code tidied up. It is here.


Simple Shooter


Simple Shooter


A straightforward Box2d demo with a central rotating fixture, falling objects and nice fading labels. It is here.



Bumper walls, anti-gravity, tumbling blocks and flashing psychedelics..what’s not to like? Shows how to detect collisions between box2d elements and how to handle them.


Putting these all the once place I have discovered a ton of bugs which I have had a chance to go through and fix. Later demos fixed stuff which I never went back and applied to the earlier ones like SimpleShooter so this has been a great exercise. It’s even given me a bit of a kick to write some more.

NOTE: All the LibGDX demos linked on this blog go to GitHub now. It is easier to manage them all in the one place. The new demos have a bunch of new concepts in them like the removal of the old Singleton patterns with Google Guice managing this stuff instead. Also it’s Maven from here on. If you are familiar with the old code and build mechanism then you’ll just have to come along for the ride. I promise you’ll learn stuff that will benefit you.