Java: Standard RSS and UK Highways Agency RSS Pull parsers on github

I have been looking at GWT again recently and was considering trying to write a traffic application again. I wanted to generate some traffic incident data so I dug around into some old code which I had knocking around which parsed UK Highways Agency incident RSS.

The parser is a pull-parser. Pull parsers are fast and can be cancelled mid operation unlike SAX and DOM parsers which will block while they do their thing. This makes pull parsers ideal for Android. I did have a bit of search but this library appears to be unique in that I haven’t seen any RSS pull parsers elsewhere which is probably because they are a bit onerous to write.

I have separated out the RSS part into it’s own library and made a new component which just does HA RSS traffic incidents.

So, enjoy. There are unit tests which show how to use them.

Standard OPML and RSS parser here.

Highways Agency RSS parser here.

The license is Apache 2.0.