LibGDX – Simple Shooter Demo Broken (update – fixed)

I seem to have somehow cocked up a commit to the LibGDX demos and deleted some asset files for the Simple Shooter demo. My apologies to anyone trying to build this. The really bad thing is that I thought I had backups in my own subversion repository and to my horror it isn’t there at all so I am going to have to put the missing fonts and stuff together again which isn’t going to be quick. I’ll put a notice up when it’s fixed. Sorry about this.


Okay, I  have fixed it. As noted in the comments I did look at the version history but it seems I may not have committed the files properly in the first place. Pretty lax of me not to check a fresh build out on my most popular github repo but I hopefully have learned my lesson. I am going to make sure I have a back up to my local SVN as well in future. 

One last note is that the Android maven build seems to be broken still so I am going to look at that next.