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I have added a link to an article under the ‘Pages’ link on the top left hand side of the main NetThreads page (GWT: XML with JSON). This details the steps required to load existing xml data into a GWT (Google Web Toolkit) application, convert it to JSON format and then process it using the […]

Moving forward

I have finally cracked the problems I was having with rewriting gTraffic code for the v2.0 of the Google maps API. I was getting a null value back as a the xml document when a layer of the road data was requested. I could not figure out what was wrong as it only did it […]

The road ahead

I thought I was finished with the TPEG DOM parser but I started to write some example apps and I confess I have got bogged down. I could release the code tomorrow but I am so close to finishing some cool examples that I cannot bring myself to do it without polishing them up to […]


I have been noticing some outages of this site and the gtraffic site recently. My initial thought was that it was my ISP but I have tracked the problem down to the URL ‘forwarding’. This has got me thinking about moving the URL’s over to my main ISP but can’t decide what to do. Apologies […]


I have finished the TPEG DOM parser. Still working on some examples. This, of course, has got completely out of hand since all sorts of interesting ideas popped into my head when I through about how to present the data. The main thing I am working on now is a AJAX driven OPML/RSS page which […]