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LibGDX – Simple Shooter Demo Broken (update – fixed)

I seem to have somehow cocked up a commit to the LibGDX demos and deleted some asset files for the Simple Shooter demo. My apologies to anyone trying to build this. The really bad thing is that I thought I had backups in my own subversion repository and to my horror it isn’t there at all […]

LibGDX – Audio – Tonome

Tonome is an matrix style sample player in the same vein as Tonematrix and Monome. This version is the result of a lot of attempts to get something which is usable. I think this is close but not quite there yet but I’m going to release the code as I’m tired of playing around with […]

LibGDX : Scene2D – Box2d – Bumpers Demo

This demo encapsulates some of the Scene2D and Box2D integration I have been playing around with. Specifically collision detection and selection by touch/mouse. Below is a screenshot with random numbered elements bouncing around inside the view. The walls are supposed to act like pinball bumpers so that when an element hits them they give the […]

Android: Simple Weather UI

Another update to the UI for new version of Simple Weather a very early Android application I wrote back in 2008. I went though all the layouts and changed the LinearLayout references to RelativeLayout instead. I think I will move the date up the top. It looks kind of strange where it is.

Android: Simple Weather UI

This is a work in progress. I have been trying to learn how to write slicker interfaces for Android as the stock styling is fairly boring. Note the rounded edges to the list activity and the colours nicked from the iPhone weather app.

Android : Europa Game Library

Europa is a Android 2d game library which I have been working on for the past 5 months on and off. It is heavily influenced by the design principles of Cocos2d a 2d game engine which exists in Python form and as an influential iPhone framework. This was created originally out of some frustration with […]

Android: Noiz2 Source Code Available

The code for the vector shoot-em-up for Android is now available here. This is a bit of an esoteric game to say the least but it is good fun once you get into it. I always thought that this was going to be a bit hit on the market but it kind of fizzled away […]

Status: Android, WebOS, Bada

Current I am so busy just now that I have not had a chance to get back into any current projects. I should hopefully have some more time soon and when I do I will be getting back into all the existing stuff with a vengeance. Android I am due to receive a phone from […]

Android: gTraffic UK Update

Well, it’s been a while since I worked on my UK Traffic application. With the release of the Android 1.6 SDK I thought it was time I made some updates. There are a couple of cosmetic changes most significantly I have ‘thickened’ the timebar marker. Also I applied a filter to the timebar colour to […]

Android: Noiz2 1.3.0

I am play-testing version 1.3.0 just now. This has fast OpenGL renderer which should sort of a lot of the lag for the busier levels of the game. The fast renderering of multiple lines and colours is handled using line and color arrays. The code for this has been put into the BulletML demo. If […]