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Latest News

I am _still_ working on a Python DOM parser for tpeg. I got so far and then realised that the minidom library which I have been using does not load the enumerated types which specify a great deal of the fields (like ‘severity’, sheesh). If I understand it correctly (there is very little help around […]

Firefox Compatibility Issues

Thanks everyone for comments on Firefox compatibility. Looks like most 0f the issues are to do with browser settings. In particular I received a mail from Joe Fuller from stumbleupon who had pointed out problems with displaying images. It turns out that the problem was the ‘Load Images’ setting on the Tools/Options dialog in Firefox. […]

VMS Finally

The VMS (Variable Message Sign) data is finally up and working. I had to filter the data heavily to avoid sign overload. Basically what is shown is every ‘unique’ message for each road and lane. This is to avoid displaying the same message all the way up and down the motorway. Some of the icons […]

Future Developments

There has been little changes to the site since last week because I have been working furiously to try and map the QMISS Midas speed sensor data on the the map. This _still_ isn’t in a useful state but I have developed the filtering code which should let me finally plot the VMS motorway sign […]

Frozen Events

Looks like the bbc have discontinued or altered the updating mechanism of the traffic and transport tpeg xml feeds. This is why there are still events hanging around from Jun 30th on the map. I guess I will have to do what I have been meaning to for ages and process the data on a […]

Google Map API

I have been working to modify the site to use the new Google Map API. There are a few thing which aren’t quite there yet so I will leave the current site as it is until these are ironed out. I quickly solved the problem of linking the icons on the panel to the map […]


I have added new content to site. The first thing to notice is that I have changed the icons. These have been altered as I plan to let the icons classify the type of event they are attached to. My initial attempts were a bit rubbish so I have left them blank on the traffic […]


Most of the BBC Jam Cams are back up again. I am planning to add Roadworks and major road message sign values to the site at which point I will address outstanding issues with the rendering and layout. The new content requires creation of two large parsers which though not difficult is hard graft especially […]

Additional Content

The site as it stands has a few problems which need addressed. – Doesn’t fit completely into IE window – The google map control needs updating to the latest configuration. I have put in a fix for the problems earlier in the week but this is not the correct way to do it. – As […]

Up again

Site up. I have added extra cams as you can see. I have modifed the mapframe.html to load version 6 map. This seem to have cleared the problem for now.