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GWT: TrafficMap – GWT & Leaflet Map Example

Here is a nice GWT and Leaflet map application I wrote to ease myself back into GWT again after not having written a line of GWT code since 2009. It is a classic map and list type site which displays some sample data I downloaded from the UK Highways Agency traffic RSS feed. Not content […]


Whilst this component hasn’t exactly set the internets on fire can I give another shout out for my ‘mavenize‘ tool. This is a command line tool for ‘mavenizing’ java projects. I have found myself using this a fair bit when I am looking to bring older components into a existing maven java project and it […]

gTraffic: Down perhaps not out.

Some of you may have come to this site from my UK road traffic site gTraffic.info. You will have noticed that there is no longer any traffic incidents available. This is because the TPEG feed which was the source of incident data has been cut by the BBC. I am fairly philosophical about this. It […]

Flex: WMS with Google Map Flash Control

Javier De La Torre has some really impressive examples of using a GeoServer WMS feed to generate overlays for Flash Google Maps. The custom WMS provider used in the WMS demos from this site is based originally on code very generously posted by Javier onto the UMap forum. WMS overlay for Google Map for Flash […]

Flex: Update – UMap WMS Provider UMap Traffic demo

I have now updated the original WMS provider Traffic demo for AFComponents UMap Flex map control. This uses the latest version as of today 2nd August 2008, version 1.1. Right click to view/download the source code.

Flex: Update – UMap WMS Custom Provider demo

I have updated the original WMS provider demo for AFComponents UMap Flex map control. This uses the latest version as of today 2nd August 2008, version 1.1. There are a few changes to the demo. The WMSTileProvider uses DefaultProvider as the base class. You no longer need to supply dummy copyright, language and settings files. […]

GWT: gTraffic Usage

I have Google stats activated for some of my websites including gTraffic the UK traffic Google map mashup. The site ticks over with fairly low stats of about 20 people a day (I salute you fellow traffic junkies). Occasionally when there is a bank weekend or a public holiday the stats jump to some fairly […]

Flex: UMap TerraServer Demo

Yet another UMap demo. This is just a stripped version of the some of the code from a previous WMS demo. I have modified the WMS settings to point to the TerraServer WMS feed. Right-click to view/download the source code. I am having a bit of a rest from developing for the moment. I will […]

GWT: gTraffic Timeline

I occasionally have a look at my GWT traffic mashup to make sure it’s still working. I was looking at it again tonight and was struck by how many good ideas it seems to have. Good ideas that no one else seems to have bothered to pick up on. As an example take a look […]

Flex: UMap WMS Custom Provider Traffic Demo

Here is another UMap WMS Provider demo This is the Glasgow traffic data from here and applied to a WMS feed from here. This uses the UMap component from AFComponents. Right-click to view the source. The WMS feed is defined in the ‘DataModel.as’ class. public static var WMS_TILE_URL:String = “http://www2.demis.nl/wms/wms.ashx”; public static var WMS_TILE_LAYERS:String = […]