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gTraffic: Down perhaps not out.

Some of you may have come to this site from my UK road traffic site gTraffic.info. You will have noticed that there is no longer any traffic incidents available. This is because the TPEG feed which was the source of incident data has been cut by the BBC. I am fairly philosophical about this. It […]

GWT: gTraffic Timeline

I occasionally have a look at my GWT traffic mashup to make sure it’s still working. I was looking at it again tonight and was struck by how many good ideas it seems to have. Good ideas that no one else seems to have bothered to pick up on. As an example take a look […]

Flex: flexTraffic v0.0.2

I have finally got round to making some updates to the flexTraffic site. Uses my new iFrame component I have added an experimental ‘graph’ pane. This is a bit of a work in progress. I had originally linked all the roads together with the events hanging off them but the end result looked like a […]

Flex: flexTraffic v0.0.1

The initial version of flexTraffic is here. This application displays BBC traffic and travel information on a Google Map hosted inside a Flex app. The data is fetched from the server side using the Flex mx:HTTPService component and parsed into a format which is then passed through FABridge to the map control. In essence this […]

update: flexTraffic

I am still working on this. So busy with other stuff that I have had very little time to put into this and when I did have time I couldn’t be bothered looking at the code. Anyway there is a version deployed but I am still ironing out stuff. I have dropped the timeline as […]

gTraffic : Status

I see that the parser is now receiving data properly again. Must have been a glitch in the BBC feed. I see from my web stats that the traffic (no pun intended) has dropped off somewhat.

gTraffic : Parser problems

There appears to be a problem with the TPEG data parser for the BBC traffic data. The incidents shown on the map are not up to date. Looking into it…

Flex: Yahoo map won’t make the cut

I have valiantly tried to use the Yahoo Map Flex component but it’s so slow to plot points that it’s completely useless. I was going to show the development version but probably better not to. Here is a screen shot: – Plotting many markers is slow. This is no use to me. I’m really surprised […]

Flex: Asset lookup dictionary

Here is the latest events panel from my gTraffic rewrite in Flex here ever after to be called (until I change my mind) ‘flexTraffic’ One of the important parts of the original application was a lookup of a traffic event ‘severity’ and ‘category’ to fetch the appropriate icon for the map and the events panel […]

Flex: Cairngorm 2.2 Events

I have been updating my flex version of gTraffic to the recently released version of Cairngorm. One of the changes it that there is a new means of dispatching Cairngorm events. It used to be: CairngormEventDispatcher.getInstance(). dispatchEvent(new GetRegionsEvent()); and now it’s var event:CairngormEvent = new GetRegionsEvent(); event.dispatch(); I have a problem with this which is […]