Flex: IFrame has a new home

I have moved the IFrame to be hosted on Google Code.

There are a few reason for this.

The current version is one submitted from Ryan Bell who is developer at Fusion Media Interactive. Ryan is the latest in a line of people who have taken the time to try and improve the component. Many thanks to him and to all the others who have submitted changes/fixes.

As noted on the new site in future if you want to submit a change to the IFrame then it will have to come with a Flex demo which shows off the particular feature you have added. It’s a bummer I know but really I ┬ádon’t have time to put these sort of things together so no demo no update. Flex is a doddle to write in and it will take you ten minutes of your time!

All references to code on this site will gradually be moved to the Google Code site. So in future this is where you can find it.