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JavaFX: Java OSC library and JavaFX-based OSC Router

As part of my Tonome LibGDX project I decided to convert the LibGDX application to use OSC messages instead of triggering samples internally to the application. The application could broadcast OSC note on and off messages to a Puredata instance and map that down to MIDI with a Puredata script. The first part of that […]

JavaFX: Mavenize-FX – GitHub

The mavenize-fx project is now up on GitHub. This will be the new home for the project. I have left the google code site up to host executables only. You can download an executable JAR file from here. I have used the 32 bit JDK so I think it should run on any x86 based […]

JavaFX: Mavenize-FX

As part of learning JavaFX I decided to put a nice UI onto my existing ‘mavenize’ tool. This is currently a command line tool and does what it says in tin, so to speak. To find out more about this you can read the original post here. I modified the original component to allow a […]

JavaFX: Pivot and JavaFX

I have been trying out both Pivot and JavaFX as means to write a user interface for my proposed tool to route OSC messages to Midi (see previous post). Rather than jump straight in with something which needs lots of features I decided to try something simple. My mavenize tool needs a front end so […]