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LibGDX – Demos Updated for LibGDX 1.2.0

After some prompting I have finally got around to updating my LibGDX extenstion library and associated demos. The core library has been modified to pull the LibGDX library from the default maven repository at version 1.2.0. The demos have been updated accordingly to match the adjusted API. You can find all it in the usual […]

LibGDX – Simple Shooter Demo Broken (update – fixed)

I seem to have somehow cocked up a commit to the LibGDX demos and deleted some asset files for the Simple Shooter demo. My apologies to anyone trying to build this. The really bad thing is that I thought I had backups in my own subversion repository and to my horror it isn’t there at all […]

LibGDX: Noiz2-gdx Vector Shoot Em Up

I have been noticing that there are quite a few instances of my original port of Kento Chos esoteric shooter – Noiz2 available. It has made it’s way across the internet on various app stores mostly unchanged which is fine by me. A few people have added adverts. Good luck to them. Anyway, just to […]

LibGDX: Demos on Github

I have made a start on fully Mavenizing my LibGDX demos and placed them up on Github. The good news is that the core netthreads-libgdx library and the demos have been converted to use the latest version of LibGDX (0.9.9 at the time of writing). Taking the latest build from the LibGDX repo should mean […]

LibGDX:Audio – Tonome OSC version

Ah sweet synthesized music! Here is a screenshot of my Tonome LibGDX application sending OSC Bundle messages to a instance of pure data. The pure data instance is broadcasting the OSC Bundle contents as Midi note out messages to a bank of Crystal synths running inside Podium. Each VST synth instance has been assigned a […]

LIBGDX – Demos Update to 0.9.6

I have finally updated all the LibGDX demos to the latest release version of LibGDX as of today (0.9.6). Here are the links Tonome – A tonematrix style sample player here. Box2D with Scene2D – Bumpers demo here. Box2D with Scene2D – Simple fixture demo here. Game Test – Simple shoot-em-up with settings panel and […]

LibGDX – Audio – Tonome

Tonome is an matrix style sample player in the same vein as Tonematrix and Monome. This version is the result of a lot of attempts to get something which is usable. I think this is close but not quite there yet but I’m going to release the code as I’m tired of playing around with […]

LibGDX : Scene2D – Box2d – Bumpers Demo

This demo encapsulates some of the Scene2D and Box2D integration I have been playing around with. Specifically collision detection and selection by touch/mouse. Below is a screenshot with random numbered elements bouncing around inside the view. The walls are supposed to act like pinball bumpers so that when an element hits them they give the […]

LibGDX: Scene2D with Box2D

Here is another LibGDX demo. This one uses Box2D to build a simple model of a box with a gear cog spinning in the centre. If you click on the screen a ball is released which will drop into the view and bounce off the gear and walls. I am no expert in Box2D but […]

LibGDX: Scene2D demo with Scene Transitions

Anyone familiar with Cocos2d will recognise the concept of Scene transitions. These are classes which compose an incoming and outgoing scene and apply an effect to them to a transition from one to the other. I have updated my simple demo to apply slide-in scene transitions using the magic of the Java Universal Tween Engine […]