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LIBGDX – Demos Update to 0.9.6

I have finally updated all the LibGDX demos to the latest release version of LibGDX as of today (0.9.6). Here are the links Tonome – A tonematrix style sample player here. Box2D with Scene2D – Bumpers demo here. Box2D with Scene2D – Simple fixture demo here. Game Test – Simple shoot-em-up with settings panel and […]

LibGDX – Audio – Tonome

Tonome is an matrix style sample player in the same vein as Tonematrix and Monome. This version is the result of a lot of attempts to get something which is usable. I think this is close but not quite there yet but I’m going to release the code as I’m tired of playing around with […]

LibGDX : Scene2D – Box2d – Bumpers Demo

This demo encapsulates some of the Scene2D and Box2D integration I have been playing around with. Specifically collision detection and selection by touch/mouse. Below is a screenshot with random numbered elements bouncing around inside the view. The walls are supposed to act like pinball bumpers so that when an element hits them they give the […]

LibGDX: Scene2D with Box2D

Here is another LibGDX demo. This one uses Box2D to build a simple model of a box with a gear cog spinning in the centre. If you click on the screen a ball is released which will drop into the view and bounce off the gear and walls. I am no expert in Box2D but […]

LibGDX: Scene2D demo with Scene Transitions

Anyone familiar with Cocos2d will recognise the concept of Scene transitions. These are classes which compose an incoming and outgoing scene and apply an effect to them to a transition from one to the other. I have updated my simple demo to apply slide-in scene transitions using the magic of the Java Universal Tween Engine […]

LibGDX: Scene2d Demo with Java Universal Tween Engine

So I have modified my original demo somewhat to implement the Asteroid and ship pulse animations to use the Java Universal Tween Engine. I have also fixed some stuff and added some new features. Menu Layer with star field I put the star field behind the menu layer. Multiple LED fonts I used Hiero to […]

LibGDX: Example of Scene2D application with Event Handlers.

Note: This demo has been updated considerably since this original post. The common elements have been factored out into their own library and the application mavenised to provide an easier build process. You can find all the details here. This is the original post so some of the details have changed….. I have written a […]

Android : Europa Game Library

Europa is a Android 2d game library which I have been working on for the past 5 months on and off. It is heavily influenced by the design principles of Cocos2d a 2d game engine which exists in Python form and as an influential iPhone framework. This was created originally out of some frustration with […]

Android: Noiz2 Source Code Available

The code for the vector shoot-em-up for Android is now available here. This is a bit of an esoteric game to say the least but it is good fun once you get into it. I always thought that this was going to be a bit hit on the market but it kind of fizzled away […]

Android: Noiz2 1.3.0

I am play-testing version 1.3.0 just now. This has fast OpenGL renderer which should sort of a lot of the lag for the busier levels of the game. The fast renderering of multiple lines and colours is handled using line and color arrays. The code for this has been put into the BulletML demo. If […]