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Flex: Sparql Browser AIR version

I have created an AIR runtime version of my SPARQL browser. You can download the executable here. You will need to install the AIR runtime to use it. The reason for doing this now was that I realised that the sort of people who would use this are not experts in setting up a web-server […]

Flex: SPARQL Browser Update

More changes to the SPARQLbrowser. Right click to view/download the source code. Datagrid columns are rebuilt on each query. Each column represents one of the query bindings. Cancel query button. This is only active when the query is running. There are bugs: Datagrid columns sort isn’t sorting on the column contents. It’s a long story […]

Flex: SPARQL Browser Update

I have been making some changes to the SPARQL browser. Right click to view/download the source code. This is Flexbuilder 3 project only. Note I have made a slight modification to the BirdEye library so you can’t just use the latest swc file from their site you will have to use the one bundled with […]

Flex: Social Graph Browser with Favicons

There is a new version of the Social Graph Browser application. This now has added ‘favicon’ goodness! After all the graft required to add support for 4,8 and 24bpp bitmap types to the flexlib IconLoader class I wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth all the groundwork but I have to say I […]

Flex: FaviconGrabber – Remote icon fetch

This application FaviconGrabber loads a remote icon from a specified url. This was developed to test out the technique of pulling a favicon from a remote url for display in a Flex application. The application I had in mind was the Social Graph Browser where the favicon for a results urls would be embedded into […]

Flex: Social Graph Browser

I have created a Social Graph Browser application. This is a graph front end to the Google Social Graph API. It presents the same sort of information you can fetch from the example applications but on a connected graph. You can read up on the Social Graph and what it is here. In short, Google […]