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Android – Recycler View Sample

There are quite a few samples of the new Recycler list component kicking around on the net. The problem is most of them are a bit too simple. Anyway, I have written a nice example which has most of the features you might want. Icon which changes according to the data. Material-design styling. Multiple items […]

LibGDX: Demos on Github

I have made a start on fully Mavenizing my LibGDX demos and placed them up on Github. The good news is that the core netthreads-libgdx library and the demos have been converted to use the latest version of LibGDX (0.9.9 at the time of writing). Taking the latest build from the LibGDX repo should mean […]

Java OSC: Midi Definitions

I thought I would put up an example of my OSC java library sending messages to the pure data instance but I discovered a problem. If you send lots of OSC messages to pure data without a decent interval pure data crashes. Not good. So I have reluctantly started what I didn’t want to do […]

General: This site is moving

The long and short of it. Updated this site to wordpress 3 thinking it will make transferring my posts easier. Instead it broke the site completely and it’s taken me all day to get it back up and running. For future reference the “.htaccess” file local to your install is used to hold the rewrite […]

WebOS: No Debugger Under Eclipse

Palm Pre developers can spin this any way they want but it’s currently not possible to set breakpoints using Eclipse, break on a line, inspect the variables or anything else debug-wise from within the IDE. It seems you have to use a command-line debugger. I know it’s not like it’s _impossible_ to use but are […]

WebOS: newsReader SDK Sample

I have been playing around with the Palm Pre WebOS SDK. Compared to my efforts to get J2ME stuff to work (ages ago) I have to commend both Android and now Palm in making these phone SDK’s so easy to get up and running. For both Android and Palm it’s a painless task from download […]

Android: gTraffic UK

I recently got an email from Google stating that the UK market for apps has opened. I figured that there might be some UK traffic applications and I was right. My application isn’t ready quite yet. I reckon by Sunday night I will be able to publish it. I am kind-of on target. The map […]

Android: Traffic UK Map

Here is the map view. I just got this working so I am pretty chuffed. I calculate the bounds for each region when I load the data. These value are stored in the database against the region name and then when the map is created it sets itself to the bounds of the displayed data. […]

General: Progress

I was hoping to get the Android weather app ‘simple weather’ into some sort of semblance of working order before the end of the year but it doesn’t look likely now. I ran up against a problem which showed itself when the phone orientation was flipped repeatedly. Basically my worker thread was holding onto the […]

gwt-jsviz #2

The 0.0.1 gwt-jsviz codebase has been moved into the ‘tags’ svn directory. You can still access it under tags.01. This has been done to make way for the 0.0.2 version code which is now in the main source trunk. The has the JSViz widget converted to a panel and the demos have been updated accordingly. […]