GWT:Simile Timeline HOWTO

If you look up to the right under the ‘pages’ section you will find a link to a HOWTO page for the GWT Timeline which details all the information you should need to get up and running with the GWT Simile Timeline widget. Any feedback on this is welcome. I think I have covered (almost) all of the questions I have been asked about the widget so have a look.

For an instant idea of the GWT Simile Timeline click in the this link here Timeline Test

There is an existing issue about loading the timeline from a XML string but I have yet to find out how to do this. I _thought_ it was simple but it turns out it is not that easy! If anyone resolves this then mail me and you will be credited in the code. I want to know…


I have been working on a GWT Wrapper API for Jack Slocum’s javascript GUI component library yui-ext. In Jack own words this is a ‘library of reusable JavaScript widgets and classes that extend the Yahoo! UI Library’.

Sidu Ponnappa has an example of yui integration here but his drag and drop example doesn’t look like the sort of thing I would use (yet) and also layout managers are the major thing that drove me to start using GWT in the first place.

So, I have been casting an envious eye over Jacks particular layout manager for quite a while now and after the Simile Timeline GWT Wrapper I have started to get an eye for what can be wrapped easily and what can’t.

There is a lot to yui-ext but it’s usage can be boiled down to the examples on the documentation page which means that is my main target. So far it’s just the BorderLayout stuff and the theme setting but it’s getting there.

Here are some screenshots. I see my home town of Milngavie appears to be hemmed in by golf clubs.

Map tab


Map tab

You can zoom in using IE ctrl+/- or in Firefox right click and choose ‘View Image’.

I am hesitant to create a Google Code project as I am unsure (a) what Jack will make of this and (b) I don’t want to starting having to field questions about yui-ext when I am far from an expert (hey at least I’m honest).

I could have just published the layout manager as it was on the first cut but I went on to insert some real controls into the central panel (Google Map and GWT Simile Timeline). Quite a lot of redesign later (ComplexPanel based now) and I am struggling with the thorny issue of getting the controls to resize correctly into the central panel.

I don’t know when this will be ready for the big-time but I thought I’d point out that I am working on it anyway.

Roadworks and VMS

My web stats indicate not many people actually look at the VMS signs data layer which is probably just as well as there is an issue with the XML feed. The roadworks is not up to date either but this is less of an issue as they are mostly long running types of events which are unlikely to have changed much from 1 Dec when feeds went down.

I am working on this.

gTraffic v2.0

New version of site has been deployed. The original site has been completely rewritten using GWT. There are a number of outstanding issues to resolve but nothing that effects the usability of the site. I intend to write more about my experience of using GWT in future posts. The old site was about to go kaput because it was using version 1 of the Google map so I have brought this site out now to avoid any hiccups in service.

Much to my disappointment the coolest feature of the site didn’t make this cut. I have implemented the MIT Simile Timeline javascript control using GWT. This was being used to display regional traffic events so that it was possible to examine each events temporal position amongst its neighbours. I just could not get it to draw itself into it’s parent tab properly. I will get this working if it kills me.

The help pages under IE don’t seem to take on the correct styling.

The position of all the UI elements is sometimes a little off when going into the site with blank browser cache.

You can still access the old site though

Anyway more tomorrow…

Working again

Okay site is now working again. I had backed up the site but there are a few different setting to switch over from the development image so this took a while to get right.

I am a bit pissed off at Plusnet ISP because of this but I will refrain from threatening to ‘take my business elsewhere’ since they clearly don’t care one whit whether I stick around or not.

Data outage

There was another outage of my ISP service this morning which meant this blog was down.

I have restored the gTraffic site as you may have noticed but the scripts to update the data are not being run as periodic tasks anymore. This seems to be something to do with with the ‘crontab’ functionality available to the webspace provided to me by Plusnet ISP. I cannot examine this when I am working as I have no access to the space outwith my broadband connection.

Please bear with me whilst I try and sort this mess out.


Not been many updates lately but I have been busy! It’s all about priorities really. I have been updating the site for the Google Maps API V2.0 because I suspect they might yank the v1.x series maps soon. I am _almost_ there but not quite because I am trying to tidy up quite a lot of the things from API v1.0.

Python code for the RSS and mobile site to follow….when it’s finished!


No roadworks data at the moment. Browser should probably say something to that effect rather than having a blank panel.

I am almost finished TPEG DOM parser, will publish this soon.


The QMISS VMS xml feed is down. Let’s hope it’s back up tomorrow.

Still looking into a radical redesign of the site. If anyone has any ideas then I would love to hear them. Email me at

Prize Winner

I have won a runner up prize from the previously mentioned Ideal Goverment. competition. Hurray!

I did like the winning entry though I thought mine was more useful. Still, better than nowt!

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