The following are links to some of the main projects featured on this site.

LibGDX Demos

The libgdx project is a cross-platform game development library written in Java, with some JNI code for performance hungry sections

Here is a list of LibGDX demos I have put together.


Tonome – A tonematrix style sample player here.

Box2D Bumpers

Box2D with Scene2D – Bumpers demo here.

Game Test

Box2D with Scene2D – Simple fixture demo here.

Game Testhere.

Flex: Social Graph Browser

I have created a Social Graph Browser application.

Sample App

This is a graph front end to the Google Social Graph API. It presents the same sort of information you can fetch from the example applications but on a connected graph.

You can find a full FlexBuilder2 project here.

You can find a full FlexBuilder3 project here.

This is licensed under the MIT license.

Flex: SPARQL Query Browser (web version)

SPARQL browser application.

Sample App

Right click to view/download the source code. This is a FlexBuilder3 project only.

AIR: SPARQL Query Browser (AIR version)

This is the Adobe AIR runtime version i.e. desktop version of the SPARQL Query Browser. You can download the executable from here.

This is open source same as the web version, the google code project is here.

Android: Simple Weather

Simple weather provides a 6 day (24 hour) or 3 day (12 hour) weather forecast for the US only.

The application can use your current location to fetch the forecast or allow the user to enter a place name.

As it’s name suggests this provides a simple and easy to use interface.

Forecast data is supplied from the NOAA.


This application is available from the Google Android market. It is free.

Android: Noiz2

Following on from my porting of Kenta Chos BulletML demo I decided to port Noiz2 to Android.


This application is available from the Google Android market. It is free.

This was quite difficult to implement. I had to convert the simple line drawing into OpenGL pipeline drawing. The code for this is available here.

Android: BulletML

In the process of putting together a shoot-em-up style game for the Android phone I remembered coming across BulletML from Kenta Cho. I am familiar with Kenta from rRootage which was/is the coolest shooter for the jail-broken iPhone.


    Typical bullet sweep


    Another sweep


Demo source code here.

Android: gTraffic NY

Here is gTraffic application modified to take NYSDOT traffic RSS feed.


This is a bit of an experiment but I am hoping someone might find it useful. I have split the NYSDOT feed into regions.

I have removed the NY traffic application from the market. It was an interesting experiment.

Android: gTraffic UK

The main list view with timeline element.


You will notice the timeline element in the list view. The duration is displayed with a red line to indicate _now_. The Timebar (as I call it) is a custom control. I put this together with help from the developer group and Retio Meier’s excellent book on Android programming.

This application is available from the Google Android market. It is free.

Android: Place Finder & Command Processor

Place Finder is a simple Android application which allows the user to input an address and see a map of the target area. It is composed of two screens

  • Map activity with zoom controls and label to display the geocoder result.
  • Geocoder activity which takes user input and runs a background thread to fetch results for the results list on the fly.


You will find the code here

Flex: FaviconGrabber – Remote icon fetch

This application FaviconGrabber loads a remote icon from a specified url.

Sample App

This was developed to test out the technique of pulling a favicon from a remote url for display in a Flex application.

Application here.

Source code here

Flex: UMap WMS Provider

IFrame Map App

This uses the version as of today 2nd August 2008, version 1.1.

Right click to view/download the source code.

Flex : IFrame

This is now hosted on Google Code.

The FAQ has moved there as well along with zipped versions of the FB2 and FB2 examples.

Questions and updates should be addressed to the ‘Issues’ section and the Google Group.

Flex: Modest Maps Demos

These are simple demos for Modest Maps.

Simple demo here.

London BBC Jam Cams demo here.

Sample App

Version 1.0 Library

Simple demo Flex builder project in zipped form here.

London BBC Jam Cams demo Flex builder project in zipped form here.

I have tagged the new demos with “_v1” to denote them from the old ones. The reason for this is that the new library is much slower at rendering the map tiles (at least for my demos) than the old one and you might want to use the old ones for now.

Beta Library Demos

Simple demo Flex builder project in zipped form here.

London BBC Jam Cams demo Flex builder project in zipped form here.

Flex/Java: CVT – Cluster Visualisation Tool (pronounced sieve-it)

This is a a Flex application for the visualisation of search results returned from the Carrot2 search clustering engine.


The client is written with Flex and flexvizgraphlib. The back end is a java component which utilises the Carrot2 library. The underlying search is from Yahoo.

You can download a tomcat deployment for CVT here.

Flex: flexTraffic


This application displayed BBC traffic and travel information on a Google Map hosted inside a Flex app. The data is fetched from the server side using the Flex mx:HTTPService component and parsed into a format which is then passed through FABridge to the map control.

This application is no longer available.

GWT : gTraffic


gTraffic an award winning traffic information mashup. It was also the first ever to include a timeline.